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Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
for veterans in this economy has been tough. >> sometimes i feel like it's a slap to the face, because we've served our country. >> reporter: johnson left the army in 2009 after serving two tours in iraq. >> i have plenty of interviews, and people shake my hand and tell me thanks for what you did for the country and everything like that. and never got the job. >> reporter: the bureau of labor statistics reports unemployment among veterans is above 12%. that's why marines say we need to hire their services, actively putting veterans to work. customers like these it chose these movers because they're veterans. >> i wanted to do business with them because of what i've heard about them i. prayed for something like this. >> reporter: johnson says this opportunity motivated him and hope for the others. >> it's not over. guys got you -- you got to have yourself. >> reporter: he's proven himself to be army strong. in alexandria, news 4. >>> two marines looking to hire 50 vets by tomorrow's holiday. hired 35 so far. anyone interested can still apply. >>> chuck's back, beautiful day. continuing tom
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> instead of raising tax rates on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy, let's start to actually solve the problem. >> reporter: the speaker wants a tax overhaul that raises money by cutting loopholes. if they can't hammer out a spending deal by year's end, the nation goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. taxes go up for everyone. an average of almost $3,500 per household. and there will be deep automatic spending cuts in both domestic spending that could hobble the economy. they want the president to address the real problem. >> and the real problem is uncontrolled entitlement spending, and the government that has grown massively. >> reporter: democrats say republicans are going to have to compromise. just like the president and his party did after getting walloped in the 2010 elections. >> we cut $900 billion in spending that we didn't like, painful to us. >> reporter: in washington, a high stakes search for middle ground. some members of both parties are willing to go over the fiscal cliff and let the next congress work it out. on capitol hill, brian m
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
homeowner tax increases at 10% to help the homeowners stay in their homes. but with the city's economy rebounding, even booming, from the national economic slowdown, rising house prices are putting more pressure on those taxpayers. now d.c. council finance and revenue chairman jack evan says he wants legislation this year to limit homeowner property tax increases to 5% a year, not 10%. as long as someone stays in their homes. >> no one should be paying 10% more in property taxes every year, year in, year out. people who have been here in the tough times deserve to stay here in the good times. that's what this bill is intended to help. people have been here in the tough times, who we want to stay here in the good times and not be priced out. >> reporter: evans discussed his tax relief even as mayor vincent gray was announcing a plan to add 100,000 new jobs in the city within five years. gray said the entire city is attracting private sector jobs, not just government oriented jobs. >> when you talk about microsoft locating in ward 8 of the district of columbia, that probably would have b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3